The best quality bakery products



Golden Loaf Establishment has committed itself to produce the best quality bakery products at a reasonable price to win the customer’s satisfaction, increase our market share and maintain our reputation.

We aim to improve our quality bakery products and services, comply with the quality specifications and the requirements of international standard ISO 22000:2018.

The overall objectives of our quality management system (QMS) are:

Establish and maintain the highest quality level of all products and activities.

Achieve the departmental objectives and stated policies.

Effectively utilize the provided resources and continually (as possible) seek the best technological methods used in the field.

Commit to continually improve the quality of our products and services as well to continually improve the applied Quality Management System (QMS).

Motivate, involve and develop the skills and abilities of all levels of employees through effective training.

Satisfying our customers and fulfilling their current needs and anticipate future expectations.

Create and maintain a healthy and safe work-environment at all levels of the organization.

We strongly believe that “ honesty and sincerity” are the key of a successful business.

In summary, our quality policy is:

  • Know all our customers’ needs and expectations
  • Meet those needs and expectations at all times
  • Do everything right the first time
  • Do it even better the next time
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